Universe blesses you with all the resources needed to achieve your dreams. You receive what you shall ask. There are abundant resources and opportunities in the world for everyone, including you.

Crystals are perfect to help you achieve your dreams and bring them into reality. Keep crystals and you shall receive tenfold. Crystals help you overcome emotional, energetic and spiritual blockages. They help for a better financial future. The right crystals can help us to amass greater wealth. Crystals for abundance can also boost your confidence and achieve profitable endeavors.

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Here are some of the best crystals for money and abundance in life.


Citrine crystal which is yellow in color is also known as The Lucky Merchant’s Stone. It’s one of the most powerful it brings cash flow and financial success.  It is often associated with success in business and to earn money. Keep it in your money box, wallet or purse. You can create a circle of wealth and looking for ways to make, save or spend money wisely, use citrine to strengthen your financial intentions.


This is known for its energy of wealth and a crystal for abundance. What type of abundance you would like to receive then buy your crystal for it. You would want abundance of health, wealth or friendships.  You can always double up on the energies of your Aventurine stones by adding it with Citrine crystal.


Combining these two powerful stones together brings the greatest Rewards. Learn to program your abundance crystal for the most powerful results.

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