Exam-time for better preparations and concentration is something which has been a topic of gossip in almost every household for years now. Parents expect their children to work that extra hard and without thinking about the stress their children go through during such times they keep pushing them for the better. They are not wrong, but it must be seen how the child can cope with such situations.

If these stress levels go beyond a certain limit, it can have damaging consequences on the emotional and physical health of the child. 

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Children can benefit from the healing crystals as these stones have soothing vibrations that remove every bit of negativity and stress from their mind thus ultimately helping them to concentrate on their studies. Natural healing crystals instill positivity and confidence in children’s minds and encourage them to burn the midnight oil and put in maximum effort in their preparations.

Following is a list of few crystals that are helpful for this purpose:

Clear quartz

Clear quartz offers a clear mind and promotes positive thoughts that help children to work effectively towards their goal. Clear quartz also helps bring in mental clarity, concentration and focus which is necessary to remember the small details in the subject which often go unnoticed otherwise.


Turquoise crystal is greatly recommended for children facing problems with remembering their studies  and subjects during the exam because this is a crystal that keeps the mind and thoughts clear. This crystal absorbs all the negative energies and maintains a healthy atmosphere in the study room.


Fluorite plays an important role in improving the focus and concentration of any child that uses it. Fluorite clarifies the mind and removes negativity to bring in confidence and motivation, which are very two important elements that help in scoring good marks in their exams.


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