Do all that you can to keep yourself healthy and in harmony for your own good. A good day can be a shift of times day-after-day and push you towards what you really seek for yourself. We must make time and space to process these emotions and ensure we are getting the support we need. Stay connected to the body and the breath - the basic mantra of keeping your mind calm and body fresh, get all the right nutrients you can and call on loved ones and crystals to keep you balanced and in beautiful spirits as you embark on this great adventure.

Energy stones or popularly known as healing crystals can help  see you through your own journey. 

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Here is a list of crystals for calming and stress-relieving amongst many.


Popularly known as the intuitive eye, an amethyst crystal is a purple crystal you can find in abundance. If it seems to be so well known because of its reputation for relaxing energy. Helps not only to relax the mind, but also brings clarity so that you can better understand whatever situation may be causing stress.


Celestite is a high-vibrational crystal that blasts away those chaotic thoughts from your mind that keep you from attaining a clear headspace. Far beyond its soothing blue hue, celestite crystals are believed to connect to your third eye, heart and crown energy centers - a trifecta that encourages the highest realms of serenity.

Black tourmaline

Amethyst, celestite, and fluorite are the "rock stars" of calming stones, one that tends to fly under the radar is the black tourmaline crystal. It acts as a protection crystal, but that’s actually what makes black tourmaline an effective crystal for calming. Black tourmaline helps you build up boundaries between yourself and the situations, thoughts or people that weigh negatively on your energy. When you're able to cleanse and protect yourself from these influences and sources of negative energies around you, you can make space for calmness, clarity, and centeredness for yourself.


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