Crystals are one of the best ways to decorate your home. They are most soothing and colorful and can decorate your space. It elevates the design and the mood of the room. You can style crystals at your home and also add to your crystal collection. There are many crystals which manifest the energy and make your home a perfect place to dwell.

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Have a look at these wonderful crystals and see how they change your lives.

Black tourmaline is perfect to be placed at front or at the Entrance to your home. It cleanses and is very protective. You can place it on a window or shelf near the door. To welcome Good wealth and good luck add a piece of jade.

Place your Rose quartz In your Bedroom to bring back the love, joy and romance into your life. Having  troubled and restless nights then place a piece of Amethyst under your bed. Place Black tourmaline in each of the four corners of your room to cleanse your room.

In your Living room add Amethyst for good communication and Selenite to cleanse.

In your Kitchen place the Carnelian crystal as it is an uplifting, energizing crystal, as it increases your creativity while you’re whipping up a feast.

Celestite will enhance your health and wellbeing. 

You can clear the energy in your bathroom with Clear quartz

In your study room place the Amethyst crystal, as it is great for focusing and opening your mind. For concentration, place a piece of citrine on your desk.

In your child’s room place celestite as this soothes and nurtures. If your child has nightmares, obsidian helps to absorb bad energy.

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