Crystals have always been a powerhouse of energies and have abundant healing properties. They help heal deep issues, thoughts, emotions, and bring good health and happiness. Crystals connect the energy point or chakras, and the energy is directed into the physical body. Each crystal has its own unique healing properties.

We all agree on this, crystals have different frequency levels.

Having a headache or having a runny nose can ruin your day.  Crystals are used for sinus congestion? Sinus congestion has a direct link between the sinus and the third eye chakra. Healing crystals are perfect for relieving sinus congestion.   

Sinus is hollow cavities which are located behind the nose, the cheekbones, the forehead, and in between the eyes. They produce mucus and give you a feeling of being full and blocked. There is a direct link between the third eye chakra and sinus. Crystals can be used for healing both the problems. Using these healing crystals for sinus congestion allows you to deal with problems in a natural way, using the energies from planet earth. 

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Some of the most popular amongst all the crystals which are used for sinus problems are as listed below:


This master healer crystal has many benefits. This beautiful shade of purple crystal aids in grounding helps you to be calm and peaceful.  It cleans the immune system. And by rubbing the crystal to your forehead your sinus problems will be solved. It heals and unblocks the third eye chakra too and also relieves headaches and pressure between your eyes


A crystal of luck. Doors for prosperity and wealth are opened for those who wear it.  This  can be really useful for healing sinus congestion as its strong anti-inflammatory powers helps  allergies and headaches. The vibrations unblock the sinuses and also protect you from pollutants that cause allergies. You can meditate with the crystals, wear them, or have them by you when you are sleeping.


The wonders of these healing crystals are truly amazing! Your mind, body, and soul will feel refreshed and balanced.

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