Crystals and Gemstones that Helps you be Healthy and Happy in Life

What do we wish for in life? To be healthy and happy, isn’t it? Well, the important thing to note is that health and happiness in life are the results of the way we live and our practices. If we are to wear specific healing crystals and gemstones, we can be sure of leading a happy life. If we are near orgonite devices or meditating with them, we can experience positive energy coursing through our body, which ensures our well-being.

From the time that they were discovered, crystals and gemstones have been a constant companion to man. The man was quick to discover the various healing properties that crystals had and they devised many ways to be protected by it. This is what led to the making of orgonite devices, like orgonite pyramid, orgonite bracelets which generates positive orgone energy, life energy discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich.

Orgone energy, as Dr. Reich discovered it, was found to be similar to the energies that are known as Chi in Chinese tradition and Prana in Indian tradition. These energies are life force energies and they influence the well-being of a person. Life energy flow through several energy focal points which are known as chakras. There are seven chakras in the body, which should be aligned and in balance, in order for the energy to flow smoothly.

Crystals and gemstones help in removing all blockages and ensuring that people are able to experience a better life. Each crystal has its own unique properties and when they are put together in some orgonite devices such as the Orgonite 7 Chakra Gemstone Pyramid or the Orgonite Vibes Multi Crystal Pyramid, the result will be amazing. However, as mentioned earlier, each crystal has its own healing power and today we will take a look at some of the best crystals and gemstones that are known for helping you be healthy and happy in life.

Crystals and Gemstones that Helps you be Healthy and Happy in Life

  • Rose Quartz - Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love. Love is the most powerful emotion known to man and all people wish to love and be loved. Hailing from the quartz family, Rose Quartz stones help in making you able to forgive yourself and your friends. It is a stone that helps in healing the energy of the heart. With the help of Rose Quartz, you can be compassionate towards others and see the good in others. You can experience the power of rose quartz with this orgonite bracelet product.

  • Bloodstone - Bloodstone is a crystal that is popular to man from the early days itself. In ancient times, Bloodstone was believed to have the power to purify the blood, which is why people used to wear it. The smooth flow of blood gives us energy and helps our organs function. Bloodstone helps in energizing the blood flow and helping us be healthier. This stone also helps in removing lethargy and keeping us focused and energized.

  • Carnelian - Being creative in life helps us be happy and Carnelian is the best stone for unblocking your creative energy. Carnelian inspires us to act and achieve our dreams. The orange hue of the stone is sure to make you believe that you want to move forward and aim to achieve the unachievable. Carnelian stone sh helps in restoring one’s confidence so that they may try to achieve big things. You can purchase the Carnelian orgonite pyramid here.

  • Citrine - Citrine is a stone that helps you live in the present. The stone helps in emitting positive energy and removing all negative energy and thoughts. By helping you think about the present, Citrine helps you do great wonders in your life and profession. It makes you dream big and stay positive in life. Buy our Citrine cone orgonite pyramid here.

  • Aventurine - Having self-doubt in life will do the greatest harm to you as it prevents you from being happy with what you do. Aventurine is a stone that helps you clear all self-doubt and believe in yourself. It helps you to attract new opportunities and it also opens your heart. The stone helps you look for the best in life and be happy, which is why the product finds its place in many orgonite devices like orgonite bracelets. You can purchase Aventurine containing 7 chakra orgonite devices here.

These are some of the crystals and gemstones that are well known to help you be healthy and happy and promote the smooth flow of orgone energy. Shop for the best crystals and orgonite devices online from Orgonite Vibes

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