The color green is the dominant color to be found in nature. The cool green rustle of trees and soft lawns that help you to sink in. Green is known for its calming power and for helping us to feel connected to this earth we live in. This soothing color is associated with the heart chakra which greatly helps in creating trust, love and hope within us. 

Green crystals are radiant and are always connected with joy and optimism. Full of positive energy. Well so does this orgonite crystal that welcomes exploration, spiritual growth, and deeper meaning and brings healthy everlasting change.

Green crystals love to bring a fresh flow to your cardiovascular system as they are heart crystals. These gems strengthen the heart, the lungs, and your respiratory system too so that you can breathe deeper and easier. These  infuse every cell in your body with the beauty of life as they are full of vitality. A new lease of strength is added and encourages peace and gives you a calm mindset. 

These healing gemstones open your heart to divine light, help to remove any heartbreak, mistrust that you have. Always as we are able to give and receive love in ways that make us feel good. Notice a difference in your connections and relationships as you fill your heart and home with green gems. These help to rekindle the flames of connection. These help to build beautiful bonds of trust, as they wrap you in a blanket of security. They encourage you to be more open to love, friendship, communication, connection.

Talking of money and wealth, green crystals are a symbol of abundance. These gems bring luck and success moving to your door. It makes you be focused and energized when it comes to ideas, projects, and lifework. A renewed sense of fortune flows and wealth comes to us in many ways. With an open heart, and feeling of energy rippling through your cells, you are sure to feel the great difference.

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Color Green a color of abundance. Hope you enjoyed the blog today. Stay glued for the next session of various green crystals that will help you greatly in life.

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