Chakras act as gateways to cosmic energy. In these seven energetic centers energy naturally flows top to bottom, then back through our body in a chakra network. 

But what if that gateway is blocked? The cosmic energy cannot flow, and you can feel emotionally and sometimes even physically. There are unpleasant feelings and pain.

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For chakra balancing certain kinds of crystals are made use of. The healing happens with color therapy and you can keep crystals on each energy point. Have a look at the crystals which are used for Chakra healing.


This crystal is associated  with the sacral chakra and helps reconnect us with our divine feminine energy. This energy is the center of our emotions, sexual energy, and sacred creativity. This chakra is connected with your lady parts, low back and pelvic area and your hips. 


Associated with the crown chakra, this crystal helps to connect us with our consciousness, the pure white light and all-knowing wisdom that’s always available to us.

Rose Quartz

Associated with the heart chakra, rose quartz helps to awaken love and compassion for ourselves and for others. The heart chakra blockages can show up as back and shoulder pain, asthma, or arm pain.


This crystal is associated with the third-eye chakra, your connection to the divine and energetic frequency increases in¬† abundance. Guiding you towards your unique path and purpose this is called a ‚Äėdestiny crystal‚Äô. In the¬† third eye chakra blockages show up as headaches, sinus problems, eye strain or blurred vision.¬†


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