Boost your Confidence with Orgonite Tumbled Stones Pyramid

Those who lack confidence will often run away from things. Many people also wouldn’t care to befriend a person without confidence. Well, are you such a person? If so, all you need to boost your confidence is an orgone product like orgonite pyramid. And thanks to Orgonite Vibes, you can have the best confidence booster product, the Orgonite Tumbled Stones Pyramid


What is the Orgonite Tumbled Stones Pyramid?

The Orgonite Tumbled Stones Pyramid is an orgonite pyramid that generates positive orgone energy and most importantly boosts your confidence. Orgone energy, discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, is life energy that is known in a variety of names across the world. Orgone energy has a powerful ability to heal negative energies and fill a person with positive energy.

Orgonite products like orgone energy pyramid, and the likes are based on the principle of the orgone energy accumulator developed by Dr. Reich. The device moves energy from a lower concentration to higher concentration and thereby benefits all living beings.

The Orgonite Tumbled Stones Pyramid is also carefully designed according to the same principle. It generates orgone energy and fills your surroundings with the energy. The positive vibrations of the energy help you be confident and speak freely. All you need to do is place the orgonite pyramid in the space you frequent the most.

This orgone energy pyramid is made of tumbled stones, which are smooth and polished rough stones. The stones are infused with positive energy so that they help in your meditation and also boost your confidence. The unique pyramid shape helps to pinpoint focus and draw in energy more efficiently.

The Benefits

There are many benefits that this orgone energy pyramid provides, just like any other orgonite product. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Protects from EMF - We can’t imagine a world without smartphones, computers, and other electronic devices.  It is true that these gadgets and devices have made our life easier, but it also brings EMF pollution with it. Orgonite products help in protecting people from the harmful cancer-causing effects of EMF radiation.
  • Boosts Self Confidence - This orgonite energy pyramid has the property of helping one overcome fear and be filled with self-confidence.
  • Enhances Meditation - Place this pyramid near you when you are meditating as it will help in calming your mind and reach out to your inner self.
  • Boosts Sleep - Place this pyramid under your pillow to have a sound sleep at night.
  • Relieves Stress - Being near this pyramid helps in removing stress from your mind and keeping you calm.

These are some of the amazing benefits of the Orgonite Tumbled Stones Pyramid.

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