Best Crystals and Gemstones for Success

Crystals and gemstones have been a part of man’s life from the very old days. The ancients considered crystals and gemstones as talisman and protectors, and also as items of fashion. Some crystals were even considered as symbols of power. In short, crystals had many meanings and purposes associated with them.

People wear crystals for a variety of reasons, one of them being a desire to succeed. Success, mostly in the professional arena is what people want to achieve the most. Coupled with hard work, wearing any crystals and gemstones on you, or having them beside you is one of the best ways to achieve success. Let’s look at a few gemstones that help you succeed:

  • Citrine - The Citrine stone is also known as the Lucky Merchants Stone. Yellow hued, the stone balances the Crown chakra. The stone helps you be motivated and develop a positive attitude. Citrine stone finds its application in orgone energy-generating products like orgone pyramid.
  • Green Aventurine - Popularly known as the Stone of Opportunity, the green-colored stone represents the Heart chakra. The stone helps open your mind to embrace new ideas and explore new possibilities. Green Aventurine is a stone used in orgonite products like 7 chakra bracelet.
  • Lapis Lazuli - Blue hued, Lapis Lazuli is a wonderful stone known for its amazing healing properties. The stone is also known as the Stone of Friendship. The stone enhances one’s problem-solving skills. Lapis Lazuli balances the Throat and Third Eye chakras. orgone pyramid and other orgone products often contain Lapis Lazuli stones.
  • Carnelian - Success in your career and profession can be achieved with the help of the Stone of Career, Carnelian. The stone motivates you and promotes endurance that helps you try hard and go further seeking success. Orange hued, the stone represents the Sacral and Root chakras. Carnelian stones are one of the most popular orgone energy generating stones, found in products like 7 chakra bracelet.
  • Tiger’s Eye - Boost your attention with the Tiger’s Eye stone, also popularly known as the Stone of the Mind. The stone balances the Root and Sacral chakras and helps you be self-disciplined. The stone helps you stay focused on achieving your dreams and success. Orgonite products like orgone pyramid, necklace, and others are some of the best ways to incorporate Tiger’s Eye in your life.

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