Benefits of Carnelian, the Captivating Orgone Energy Stone

From the days very old, Carnelian has been a stone closely associated with man. Orange hued, with its color varying from a pale pinkish-orange to deep brown, Carnelian stones captivates anyone who comes across it and even fills one with lingering positivity, warmth, and joy. Carnelian belongs to the quartz family and is popular as a stone that protects and inspires the wearer.

Ancient Belief

Carnelian stone has been used throughout the ages and across many civilizations. It was believed to be a stone that boosts one’s courage, which is why the ancient warriors used to wear the stone around their neck. They also believed that Carnelian stone would provide them with the power and strength to defeat and conquer all their enemies, be physical, mental, or spiritual. 

In ancient Egypt, master architects used to wear the Carnelian stone for the purpose of showing others their rank. Ancients also believed that Carnelian stone had the power to prevent the Plague and other illnesses. 

The Egyptians associated meanings with the Carnelian stone according to the color of the stone. If the stone was in an orange hue, they regarded the stone with the passive and receptive female energies. For Carnelian stones that had a red hue, they associated the stone with active male energy. Traditionally, the Carnelian stone is believed to enhance love, passion, and desire.


Carnelian stone benefits the wearer in a whole lot of ways, which is why people from the olden days, till now, consider the stone in high regard. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Carnelian is a stone that provides professional support. Architects, builders, and construction workers can greatly benefit from the stone as it stimulates their mind and creativity and helps them create master buildings. The stone also motivates the salesperson and boosts the energy and stamina of athletes and military personnel.
  • Carnelian stone helps businesses flourish as it attracts new resources, good luck, and prosperity. It drives and motivates employees and co-workers and instills in them a sense of dedication. The stone brings success to money-making ventures.
  • For those who are timid and afraid to speak out, Carnelian stone helps. The stone aids all those who are trying to defend a cause and overcome difficulties.

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