Jade green crystal - helps to bring calmness and clarity! Green Jade is also known to be a lucky stone because it will bring energies of love, wealth and health.

Quick fact!

Jade is the name shared by two different minerals; calcium magnesium silicate Nephrite and sodium aluminium silicate Jadeite.

Although their compositions, crystal structures, and densities are different, they are both similar in looks and toughness, and they both have equally important metaphysical characteristics.

They both occur in a lovely shade of olive green, but there are also distinctions in their color.

Availability and the source of Green Jade...

Myanmar is the main source of Jade, but it can also be found in Japan, New Zealand, Siberia, Australia, Canada, and the USA.

Jade is a fantastic balancing crystal! No matter how busy you are with your career or personal life, Jade will keep everything in check and give you the support that you need to fulfill your different roles. It’s a great confidence booster, and it will help you deal with difficult people with ease and calm. The energies of this stone will keep you level-headed and patient in any kind of situation. Jade properties such as these are a big reason why this crystal stone has been such a big part of so many cultures for so many centuries.

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  1. Jade is believed to bring luck

Just like a four-leaf clover is considered a symbol of good fortune, jade is thought to have protective, lucky-charm energy. So jade is used in feng shui, and that’s why babies in Asian cultures are often gifted jade bracelets when they’re born.

  1. It represents balance and harmony

If one is feeling off-kilter in any aspect of life, Jade can bring them back to centre. “It’s a perfect stone for grounding, balancing the body, and calming the nervous system.” It can also bring balance to relationships, life or dealing with life eagerly.

  1. It could also make you a money magnet

Jade’s one of the many crystals that are believed to add digits to the bank balance. This crystal helps heal trauma or scarcity mind-set with money. Its unique molecular vibration helps recalibrate the energy so one can see all the abundance that’s around, helping them trust that the universe will provide. One can keep a jade crystal in their wallet.

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