All you got know about Nubian pyramids!

Nubian Orgone pyramids- Do you know the significance of these specially shaped orgone energy pyramids? Read on to know more! 

Nubian Pyramids otherwise called Kush pyramids and Russian Pyramids are pyramids that were constructed by the leaders of the antiquated Kushite realms. They have larger angles at the base and a larger height than the Giza pyramids. The Nubian pyramid has points of around 69 - 72 degrees while the Giza pyramid is around 52 degrees. 

A wide range of analyses has been done utilizing these pyramids and many noteworthy results have been concluded. Based on these results, Orgonite vibes bring you Nubian Orgonite pyramids that guarantee you the same results of the original pyramids.  

These orgone pyramids are combined with the science of orgone to make it the most effective. 

Here are the few results that these beautifully shaped Orgone pyramids guarantee. 

  1. It helps in improving the positivity around the area where its placed.
  2. These orgone pyramids help you greatly heal the damaged skin and body of any living organism around it. 
  3. Plants around these orgone pyramids increase the yield by 30%
  4. Improves the air quality around the area it is placed. 
  5. Helps to curb all the radiations emitted from electronics.

With this many significant usages of these orgonite pyramids,  we bring you 5 orgone pyramids that are Nubian in shape. Without wasting any time, let us get to the list. 

  1. Orgonite Lapis Lazuli Energy Generator Nubian Pyramid

    Orgone pyramids
  2. Orgonite Selenite Healing Nubian Pyramid
    Orgone pyramids
  3. Orgonite Rudraksh Nubian Pyramid 
    Orgone pyramids
  4. Orgonite Aquamarine Protection Nubian Pyramid 

    Orgone pyramids
  5. Orgonite 7 Chakra Nubian Pyramid

Orgone pyramids

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