What's not to love about crystals which are beautiful ,sparkling and full of positive healing energy. The energy in the crystals always uplifts us. In our lives there are many issues. We always have a tendency to be in a constant state of stress over all matters. Our household bills, relations at home, family and friends always put us in Stress. We overload ourselves with so many things on our head. 

Always remember, we ought to take a chill pill. 

Being during this constant state of stress will make for mayhem on our bodies. It’s time to balance those emotions. And adding a crystal to your daily activities or your meditation session will extremely facilitate.

Meditate with the crystal that matches your desires most in this moment. Mother Nature is easy. It’s us, humans, that create difficult things. Ever notice that after you forsaking and trust yourself, some things get profusely easier? With crystals you have got to forsake and let them do their issue.

When adding crystals to meditation, or to your way of life, you can use them in three ways: 

  1. Hold them in your hands as you meditate 
  2. Have them created into jewellery 
  3. Place them in a meeting or grid .

Objects like candles, essential oils, incense, images of inspiring figures, like the Buddha ,sacred objects can also be added during meditation.

Believing in crystals can change your life, even save it. We can physically and mentally benefit from energies that are within the crystals. The energies of these crystals flow through us to unlock areas of ourselves neglected or forgotten by the busy, hectic nature of modern life.


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