Have you often wondered why people wear crystals around their neck or carry it in their pockets? The crystal kingdom has hundreds of crystals which are used widely to calm your mind and body. Crystals are available for any ailment, emotion, or desire. They are also used for healing, guidance, self-assurance, and self-love.

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Check out some of these crystals for health.

Clear Quartz is known as The Master Healer.  It is usually used for protection and goal achievement. This activates the crown chakras, removes all negative energies and opens up the mind.

The Confidence Builder crystal is the Tiger's Eye. It provides will power and motivation. It increases your self-belief and builds confidence and motivates you to move forward to achieve success. Having this with you helps you to become a successful leader. It opens up your roads to success.

For Courage and Protection own an Aquamarine crystal.  A crystal of spiritual awareness and enlightenment, It improves the intellectual powers and clears communication. It helps you to solve issues and see logic . Its unique quality is to calm and soothe you.

The Motivator crystal is the Carnelian.  A motivation crystal which is used for leadership and courage. It improves your concentration, gives you energy and stimulates creativity.


In one’s self-care or healing process crystals are an important tool. They are natural healers which help in many solutions. They support our spiritual journey.

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